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Web: Evolution Physical Therapy & Yoga

Evolution Home Page

Project Goals and Home Page

The owner of Evolution originally wanted a simple informational site that both separated the physical therapy aspect of the business from the yoga studio, while also visually tying them together. This was achieved in part through the use of the colors of the logo.

Soon after launching the business they discovered that the web site needed to be a more vital and integral part of their marketing and community building efforts, so in 2008 they requested a redesign to include a community blog, photo gallery, and discussion forum, plus a new Yoga Events section. In addition, the site was converted into a content management system, which gives them full control of their content.

Evolution Physical Therapy Section

Evolution Physical Therapy

This section of the site uses the blues of the logo and celebrates the feeling of release from pain and physical limitations.

Evolution Yoga Section

Evolution Yoga

The yoga sections of the site use the rich, earthy browns of the logo. The web site is meant to convey a feeling of friendliness and approachability. People are encouraged to relax in the lounge area and drink tea. Beginners are welcome. Classes are available for all ages and body types.