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Web: Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL)

VITL home page redesign

Project Goals

The client's concerns were the drab coloring and the difficulty finding critical information. Through discussions with key players throughout the organization, Anne helped clarify the purpose of the site. Then, working closely with the newly hired Marketing Director, they reorganized the content based on the user's perspective. She also created a new color scheme that incorporated earth tones to reflect Vermont's landscape.

VITL landing pages

Landing Page - Desktop

The site had been built with the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) by Signal Advertising. Anne managed the redesign project. Working in collaboration with Signal, they made use of Drupal's tagging functionality to dynamically pull in additional content related to the current page.

Landing page on a tablet

VITL Tablet View

Anne advocated for a responsive design to allow for optimal functionality on multiple devices. This is an example of how the site behaves on tablets.

Home page on a smart phone

VITL Smart Phone View

Here is an example of the home page design for smart phones. A responsive design is easier to maintain because there is only one version of code. Previously, with a separate mobile website, VITL had to keep two sets of code up to date.

Menu on a smart phone

Smart Phone Menu

Here the navigation menu reveals complex layers of information.

Subsequent to this design, VITL has changed the color scheme and some functionality. You can get a sense of the interactivity and responsive behavior at